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Alleged "Princess"-Y Request Made by Meghan Markle during Dinner With Prince Harry

By Amanda Caroline  •  July 20, 2022  •  317

eNewsletters - Even though Meghan Markle is not considered to be royalty in the United States, she still seems to expect special treatment. While dining out in New York City with her husband Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex apparently behaved like "a princess."

The two went out to supper at the trendy restaurant Locanda Verde on July 18th, Monday night. Meghan reportedly asked to reserve the entire inner outside courtyard, which has 50 seats, for herself and her group before their visit.

According to a source who spoke to Page Six, "[She] ordered the staff at Locanda Verde to have the entire inner outside courtyard - which seats 50 - for herself and four friends, including Prince Harry. However, according to the source, her request was turned down because "the owners told her it had been reserved for a birthday party for 15 people and refused to bounce the party out of the area." Harry and Meghan eventually took a seat inside.

Despite the fact that there was "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex weren't in a private room, despite the restaurant having "tons and plenty of security everywhere.

Located in the center of the crowded restaurant, "Added the source.

The pair obviously didn't let the fact that she wasn't granted her request to seat in the more opulent area dampen their spirits since they went over to a nearby table where someone was celebrating their birthday. The insider remembered, "There was a random birthday celebration at the table next to theirs." "I wish you the happiest birthday, Meghan and Harry approached the table next to them and said. They all just said, "Thank you very much," as they stood there speechless."

It has also made known that influencer Meredith Schott was hosting famous stylist Walter Harvin's birthday dinner at the restaurant. On the way into the restaurant, Meghan "complimented him on his Rick Owens slacks," a spy claimed, and another source claimed that Meghan and Harry's security "blocked and stopped individuals trying to take photos."

Another spy described the two's outing, saying they were "in fantastic spirits." They dined and drank with another couple who appeared to be close friends, the source said.

Representatives for Meghan and the restaurant declined to comment on her request for a seat. The team of the former "Suits" star, according to a different source, just "wanted a certain table in the dining room."